The Disko Bay Region

The largest bay in Greenland with impressive glaciers and sparkling icebergs

Disko Bay

On the west coast of Greenland lies the spectacular Disko Bay. It is the largest bay in Greenland and is famous for its impressive glaciers and massive icebergs. Along the coast, colourful houses are located in small settlements on the edge of rocky mountain sides. Located centrally in the bay you’ll find Disko Island, which is Greenland’s largest island.

Disko Bay is appealing for many reasons making it the most popular region of Greenland for visitors. The area is a phenomenal starting point for Greenland’s largest Arctic experiences. Here you can observe huge icebergs in fantastic formations and colours, whales in abundance, dog sledding, northern lights, cultural history and adventurous boat trips.

The nature here north of the Arctic Circle leaves you with unforgettable memories. We recommend you take a closer look at these five fantastic places to visit in Disko Bay.

5 fantastic places to visit in Disko Bay


A World Heritage Site

Ilulissat is ideally located at the mouth of Kangia Icefjord, where massive icebergs from Greenland’s most active glacier, calve into the fjord. Ilulissat Icefjord was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004 and is just one of the many fascinating sights which await you.

Enjoy whale watching, museum visits, nature walks and a culinary experience utilising local ingredients at one of Ilulissat’s great eateries, e.g. the restaurant at Hotel Icefiord.


Village Visit

Ilimanaq is uniquely location south of Ilulissat Icefjord with an absolutely fantastic view of Disko Bay. It’s not uncommon to see whales frolicking just off shore.

The settlement is one of Greenland’s oldest and was founded in 1741, as a mission station and later a whaling station. Today, Ilimanaq has also become a special tourism centre with a focus on nature, cultural heritage and sustainability. In the village you’ll find Ilimanaq Lodge, which is located on the cliffs overlooking the water.

Eqip Sermia

Eqi Glacier

Located approx. 80 kilometres north of Ilulissat in the north-eastern part of Disko Bay, Eqi Glacier is a real gem. By boat you can monitor the wide glacier front of Eqip Sermia, where calving typically occurs multiple times daily – one of the few places in Greenland offering such a unique perspective!

You can join a day excursion to Eqip Sermia or spend the night at Glacier Lodge Eqi – enabling you to savour the ice in comfort at this unique wilderness hotel.


Disko Island

Disko Island is among the 100 largest islands in the world. It is interesting for many reasons, not least because of the island’s volcanic origins and the great diversity of flora. You’ll find yourself enamoured by the natural beauty here.

The sea is also extraordinarily rich around Disko Island and this usually means large numbers of whales. The terrain around the town of Qeqertarsuaq is ideal for hiking, enabling unique nature experiences with Hotel Disko Island as your starting point.


The south-eastern area of Disko Bay

Qasigiannguit is beautifully located in south-eastern Disko Bay. Qasigiannguit is a town where Greenlandic life is very traditional. You’ll gain a unique insight into today’s Greenland, with authentic culture and nature experiences.

On arrival in Qasigiannguit, you’ll see Hotel Diskobay on the promontory overlooking the harbour and Disko Bay. The surrounding area offers excellent opportunities for easier walks, where you may be lucky to see musk oxen.

Tailor-made round trips in Greenland

Our sister company Greenland by Topas arranges tailor-made round trips in Greenland, which is a great way to experience Disko Bay.
If you want to arrange a trip around Disko Bay yourself, boat tickets can be purchased from Disko Line.


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