About Disko Line

Disko Line A/S was established in 2004. What started as a small shipping company with one ship, has now become Greenland’s largest passenger shipping company.

A flexible traffic system that connects cities and settlements

For the benefit of citizens as well as tourists

Today, Disko Line handles scheduled shipping services on behalf of the Greenlandic Home Rule Government in the regions of Disko Bay, Central Greenland and South Greenland. Our scheduled services operate between a large number of Greenlandic towns and villages, and we also offer charter services and tourist cruises in Disko Bay. The company’s mission is to develop a flexible traffic system that connects towns and settlements for the benefit of citizens as well as tourists.

At Disko Line we consider safety to be our highest priority. All our ships are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority and Det Norske Veritas for all types of sailings in Greenland. Our ships are ice-reinforced and certified to sail in ice-filled waters. See Disko Line’s entire fleet here.

In addition, Disko Line strives to employ local, competent crew members, who know the Greenlandic waters. Our staff have many years of sailing experience and are trained in the necessary safety equipment and procedures. You can sail safely on board our ships with our capable crew.
You can read much more about Disko Line’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy and code of conduct here.

Experience our adventurous sailing trips in Disko Bay

If you’d like to experience Disko Bay on a boat excursion, Disko Line Explorer offers a variety of boat trips starting from Ilulissat. Choose your favourite boat trip and enjoy the view of the Icefjord’s majestic icebergs, calving glaciers and frolicking whales.

Sailing between towns and settlements

Ønsker du transport mellem byer og bygder i Diskubugten, Midtgrønland og Sydgrønland, kan du købe billet til passagertrafik hos Disko Line.

Available jobs at Disko Line Explorer

I Disko Line Explorer søger vi jævnligt nye kolleger, som både kan løse praktiske opgaver ombord, og som nyder at servicere gæster fra hele verden med gode fortællinger om landskabet og landet. Ledige jobs annonceres på Topas Explorer Groups hjemmeside. Her kan du både søge et aktuelt job eller sende os en uopfordret ansøgning.


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